Meet Ethan!


tell us about yourself:

Okay. If you insist. I’m a twenty-one-year-old graduate of UCLA. I entered school as a student athlete, receiving a partial scholarship as a forward on the university’s highly competitive soccer team. I graduated with passable grades as a Sociology major, and while I am social, I’m also apparently unhireable.

My dream is to secure a 20 million dollar contract to play soccer for AC Milan. My reality is hunting for change in my sports bag, and cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

With my soccer career over, my goal is to go law school but I don’t want to take on additional student loans, so I’m banking that an internship at BOOMERANG will lead to a job, which will lead to money for law school tuition. I live in an apartment in Westwood, California with Jason Lu, a teammate who graduated a year earlier and is now in medical school.

My parents, Christine and Shepherd “Shep,” own Black Diamond Bowl in Colorado Springs, Colorado. That’s where I learned to play soccer. I perfected my shooting skills by kicking strikes. My dad runs the alley. My mom teaches fifth grade. They’re active, social, and flirt like teenagers—which used to be weird for me but not so much anymore. Now it’s pretty cool. I’m happy that they’re happy.

My little brother, Chris, will be attending University of Arizona in the fall. Chris is a Physics prodigy and he’s my best friend. Even though he can be a little punk sometimes.

describe your personality:

Seriously? Wow, this is torture, but okay. Here we go. I’m positive, confident, and outgoing. I like to laugh. I like people who don’t take themselves too seriously—which is true of me too unless I want something like a job. When I set my mind to a goal, I go for it. And I don’t quit until I get it.

describe your appearance:

You can see my picture, right? I don’t know. This is embarrassing. All right. I’m fit. 6’1”, with brown hair and blue eyes. I’m in good shape, but not out of vanity. From playing soccer almost every day for fifteen years. I also love to run, bike, shoot hoops—you name it. If it involves moving and sweating, I’m into it…. Yeah, including that.

Um… Let’s see. I’ve been told I have a nice face. Girls seem to like the cleft in my chin. Oh, and I’ve been told more than once that I have Elvis eyes. Whatever that means.

I guess my style is earthy and Coloradan, with hints of retro/bowling alley thrown in. Can’t avoid that, growing up in an alley. I don’t own a ton of clothes, but I’m investing in a few things for the BOOMERANG gig. My coach drilled into me that what you show the world is what they see, and I want everyone to see a guy who’s smart, hardworking, and on his way the top, because that’s where I’m headed.

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